Projected Capacitive Touch Solution
Higgstec provides various options for a PCAP solution, suitable for different applications and environments. All have the same basic design: X axis on the top conductive layer and Y axis on the bottom conductive layer, and a node is formed in each intersection, to detect the change of the capacitance in the electronic loop.
During operation, the controller supplies current to each conductive layer and forms an electric field among all the channels and nodes. After a finger or a certain conductor moves close to the field, the controller wastes no time detecting the change of the capacitance and reports the touch point by precise calculation. Due to the 3-dimensional electric field, the panel can still function by a proximate finger or stylus rather than necessarily a real touch. In other words, it implies the PCAP is Z axis detectable.


 Projected Capacitive Touch Panel  (RTW)
Size Frame Area
Viewable Area
 Ratio CG Thickness
7" 189.95*128.99 153.10*92.14 16:9 1.1
10.1" 254.31*172.95 218.16*136.80 16:9 1.1
10.4" 252.75*199.95 212.4*159.6 4:3 1.1
12.1" 287.75*226.25 247.2*185.7 4:3 1.8
12.1" 302.27*204.35 262.32*164.4 16:9 1.8
15" 348.68*272.65 305.33*229.3 4:3 1.8
15.6" 387.73*237.09 345.43*194.79 16:9 1.8
17" 382.27*314.69 339.12*271.54 4:3 1.8
18.5" 452.87*273.95 410.16*231.24 16:9 1.8
19" 423.27*348.01 377.52*302.26 4:3 1.8
21.5" 525.59*317.06 477.84*269.31 16:9 2.8
23.8" 578.62*348.04 528.24*297.66 16:9 2.8
Free design
  • True flat design

    Integrate the touch panel with the machine, and create a bezel-free visual effect.

  • Hot key integration

    Hot keys design on the touch screen allows more user-friendly operations.

Surface treatment
  • AS coating

    Form a layer of hydrophobicity (anti-smudge) that enables the screen surface to be cleaned more easily and the slide to be smoothier.

Optical Treatment
  • AG coating

    Turn the reflection into divergence and enhance readability under high luminance.

  • Anti reflection

    Reduce light reflection to increase the penetration effect.

  • Design for privacy

    Provide clear image from direct view while the darkened sides block the viewing screen from prying eyes.

  • Non-birefringent

    A derivative solution for outdoor application, enable users to operate the panel without disturbance by reflection rate.

  • IR-cut coating

    Highly reflect the IR (block high temperature emitted by the IR) while keep good transmittance. Also solve the problem that the image sensor is easily affected by the IR.

Strengthening treatment
  • CS glass

    CS glass is featured with resistance to pressure, impact and abrasion. The impact resistance reaches 3 to 5 times the normal glass has. After undertaking violent force, the broken lass shards are held in place  so as to reduce the harm to bodies.

  • Plastic cover lens

    Replace the cover glass with plastic material. The advantages are lightweight, shatter proof, more resistant to impact.

Special function
  • Gloved finger touch

    Allow users to enjoy the sensitivity and convenience the touch panels provide, even when the fingers are gloved.

  • Palm rejection

    Prevent false activation by palm when users are operating a highly sensitve touch panel.

  • Water rejection

    Prevent false activation from liquids splashed onto the touch surface and maintain normal function after cleaning.

  • Passive stylus

    Allow users to use other conductive materials like a pencil (graphite) or a fountain pen (metal) as touch medium, than traditional capacitive stylus or fingers. Options for finer pen point and unlimited forms enable users to enjoy more accuracy and convenience in activation.