Application & Solution



IPC and Business

Through HMI design, Higgstec’s touch panel could reduce the communication gap between human and the machine, making intuitive interaction possible. The applications with built-in touch solutions include POS, interactive Kiosk system, central control system, automated equipment and digital billboard in IPC market and commercial environment.




Higgstec’s touch solutions for military application meet requirements of MIL-STD 810G. Test conditions include high temperature & humidity, thermal shock, drop test, vibration and high altitude. Specific materials are used to achieve the best performance in different environment to realize the critical needs of customers.




The automotive applications require tolerance to high temperature environment. Options such as high transmittance and multi-touch function are available. Users could use fingers or gestures to control the menu. Additional features include DVD player, satellite GPS, digital TV and more.





The solution provided by Higgstec could be applied in hospital and clinical locations such as registration counter, waiting room, consulting room, ward and pharmacy. Special features like high accuracy, anti-smudge, and anti-bacterial allow users to easily and safely access all the consultancies, pathology researches, and service messages, thus fostering optimization in medical processes and assisting in professional diagnosis 




Higgstec has the most advanced materials, latest technology and outstanding supply chain management applied to the products which withstand adverse marine circumstances, salty mist and sunlight.

Our products are applied to all sorts of ship, such as the yacht, naval vessel, ferry, cruise liner, battle cruiser, and fishing boat. They can also work well with other devices like the GPS, WIFI, radar, sonar and navigation system. 





The gaming applications are required to meet severe knocking and drop tests. Higgstec’s multi-touch solutions meet these requirements and provide sizes ranging from 15”to 24”, widely applicable to various recreational activities and environment.