5-Wire Resistive Touch controller

A touch panel solution will not be complete without the sensor, controller (IC) and the driver, in which the controller is to collect, process and transfer signals coming from an activation to digital data, so as to execute specific orders. A good touch panel solution can not only remain intact under any circumstances full of interference, but also stably provide data to the sensor. Therefore, it must rely on all elements of the touch solution working together to reach the best performance.

Higgstec has developed self-made controller and sold it to the market. Practically proven, supplier such as Higgstec with knowledge, experience and the ability in making the sensor, controller and driver, has the advantages in meeting clients' expectations in an efficient way.  

PCAP Contorller

Higgstec offers two types of controller solutions - PCB (printed circuit board) & COF (chip-on-flex) for the customers to choose the suitable solution for specific product design and application.

  • PCI control board solution

    Different control boards support PCI of different sizes. The analog touch signal goes to the control board through the FPC. After the signal is transferred to digital data, it is sent to the main terminal via serial interface (USB, RS-232) on the PCB.

    About the advantages:
    1. Separation of the control IC from the touch panel provides flexibility in design.
    2. Stronger ability to process noise, not apt to be interfered by other components.
    3. Speed up verfication process and has relatively lower cost.


  • PCI COF solution

    COF is the abbreviation for Chip On Flex, straight locating the control IC onto the FPC tail. The process begins with analog signal transforming into digital data. Then the data is trasnferred from FPC terminal to the main terminal via serial interface (USB, I2C, UART).

    About the advantages:
    1. Integrate the control IC with the touch panel, effectively reduce the space required for mechanical design.
    2. Reduce signal channels and require no extra connector and cable to convey the data, benefitial in demands for various shapes of the touch panel.
    3. Good for installation of small sized touch panel.